Ditch The Dunkin’

Why would you ever go to Dunkin’ Donuts where you can only get coffee, donuts and some old fashion bad gas station style food? Keep in mind you can’t get anything else! Think about those early morning commutes where you’re running late, low on gas and have to decide between getting gas and getting your breakfast! Well if you start getting your morning kick at Wawa you’ll never have to worry about missing out on breakfast again and you’ll also be able to choose yourself, from a variety of coffee flavors and creamers, where at Dunkin’ you have to be served and wait for your coffee and food where there is often a line! At Dunkin’ Donuts, you can’t get gas, fill up your tires with air, candy, customized food for any time of the day or make your own cup of coffee! Also, keep in mind Wawa is far cheaper than Dunkin’ Donuts for the same cup of coffee and a better experience as well. Wawa is an A+ establishment that is always clean well lit and properly staffed. Have you ever been to a Dunkin’ Donuts where the service is absolutely terrible or the bathroom is disgusting? Not at Wawa where the standards are always high and the food quality is the same. Wawa is also a widespread chain with far more locations then Dunkin’ donuts so no matter where you are you’ll have your favorites. At Wawa rewards cards members are capable of ordering online ahead of time so your food is ready when you get to the store! You can earn rewards with each purchase and when you sign up for the rewards program you get a coupon for a free drink. Wawa as well as having everyday items such as paper towels, eggs, milk, medicines, and soaps, you can get donuts with your coffee! Making the switch to Wawa will take a strain off your daily routine as well as bringing a higher quality product for a lower price.

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