LOOP: Saving The Environment

Abstract: In the news today there are many stories that can be seen involving the effects plastic waste has on the environment. Many companies try to eliminate this waste by replacing plastic products with reusable containers.  Loop is a company that is producing reusable products aiming to sell them worldwide.

Loop is a great company that initiative is to try and save the world in many ways. They are anticipating to launch services is in locations including parts of Paris, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania in mid-May. Loop is also planning to work out delivery for London through Tesco later this year, and it’s aiming to launch in Tokyo in 2020. For now, it’s starting with a small trial of users. The products will cost roughly the same as single-use containers, but people will have to pay a container deposit between $1 and $10, and shipping will start at $20, but it will decrease with every item added.

In order to make this product work and be an effective option people need to change their ways, most people like to buy stuff that they don’t need are wanted. Due to people always being in a rush now of days it is more convenient to grab pre-packaged food than it is to make food and put it in a  container that is reusable. When people throw away these plastics container they don’t take into account the effect it has on the environment, which can lead to effects on their own lives. People are used to a set schedule and may not be willing to take time out of their routine to make sure they are using products that will not cause harm to the environment. Aside from the factor of prepackaged food in non-reusable containers being easier, it can be seen that reusable containers not only cost more but also you would have to make room for these products. These factors make these items less favorable to people who are constantly on the move during the day.

Be researching and learning, ‘In the past, conservation and environmental organizations have focused on rational arguments to try and convince people to make positive changes.’ But since success with this strategy has been limited, some groups are now trying a different approach. Among them is United States-based conservation organization Rare, which recently launched a Center for Behavior and the Environment aimed at developing and sharing insights from behavioral science as a means of tackling environmental problems. To my understanding, we focus on immediate problems. Our brains are naturally wired to scan for danger, with a preference to focus on problems that need to be fixed right away. People don’t understand that Changing yourself begins with changing your environment

‘Making changes to your environment makes it easier to do what’s right without having to think about staying motivated. If you set up your surroundings so that making the best decisions comes easily, then you can set yourself up to practice better habits.’

Often, we think that change comes from within. We believe that achieving a goal is about changing ourselves and what we think. But we discount the fact that optimizing our environment to make better choices can make a large impact on our actions. You can see many companies are slowly pulling plastic products from their companies and offering reusable items to support saving the environment.


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