Olay Over Dove

A habitual product that our group tends to use is Dove soap. When we start to run out of soap, not much decision making is done in the purchase of new soap. It is behavioral for us to go to the soap section and pick up more Dove without going through the steps because we have become used to using Dove. 

A product that we see as a strong competitor would be Olay. We are positioning for a new marketing technique to first cause emotional connections between the consumer and Olay that would cause consumers to break from their habitual purchases with Dove and eventually become a habitual user of Olay.  

Our first marketing aspect would consist of a commercial showing a woman preparing for a date. The main focus of the commercial would show the woman showering and using Olay soap. The commercial would continuously remind consumers of Olay as she continues to prep herself for the date by using our other products such as make-ups and lotions. On the other side the man would be getting ready as well using Olay products. The commercial would end with the date being successful and both the man and woman being happy. This would emotionally engage women to purchase Olay because they would feel connected with the women and would want the same experiences.  

The consumer would eventually become a habitual user after first engaging with our products. They would fall in love with not only our product but with our price as well. Our price is cheaper than Dove and once our customers are aware of our products then they will continue to purchase our products due to satisfaction and cheap prices.  

By: Kiersten Millman, Anmarys Cepeda, Tahlia Gray, and Teona Beck

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