Well-Being and Consumer Behavior

We had a wonderful week in class. With all the notes and discussions I have learned a lot about my consumer behavior, well being, and much more. We got down to the root of consumer business and answered a lot of questions that consumers don’t ask. Is it ethical that these data base companies know and have our personal business? To build our trust back for social media platforms what act or rule should we implement so that our personal information won’t we shared to other companies? What ways have you’ve been manipulated as a consumer? These were a few of the questions that we answered and I am happy to share the feedback and much more with you guys.
Our first class discussion started off pretty good and opened. We discussed whether or not data companies having our personal information was ethical. When me and my group came together to discuss we came to an agreement. We felt that it was unethical to a certain extent. We spoke on how it was okay for companies to have our names, birthdays, and other basic information. It becomes unethical when they began to go deeper. For example me and my group mates agreed that we feel that we do get tracked in some sort of way. If we look up an item on Amazon or Forever 21 and than log off, we tend to see those same items or stores on the next website. We felt that if we search certain things in private they shouldn’t be used to know our personal needs.
Collectively as a class we discussed our reasons and ideas on whether social networks are private and or public. In class I gave my opinion stating that social media platforms gives the idea of privacy by allowing us to make our pages private, but in reality nothing is never private on a “social setting”. As a class we found that the problem is that social media platforms didn’t prepare for how big of an impact they would have on the world and how the data companies now use social media platforms to get our information. Now as a society we have to pay attention to want terms we agree on and what we post because anybody can use it to our advantage or disadvantage.
In our next class discussion we spoke on ways that we have been manipulated by marketers and our well-being as a consumer. Speaking on my group discussion first we spoke on how we do feel sometimes we are manipulated by marketers. For example when we go to stores or even online shopping you will see little items on the way to the register. We won’t need them but now that we see them and their placed a certain way we will pick one up. Or when that one annoying store clerk keeps asking about offers and deals so you can “save”. We also learned about the ways we do become manipulated by marketers. A few on the list were “its good for you”(Ex. Green Smoothes), “its fun and free”(Ex. Trade-off(media)), “altruistic mission”(juul (fake cigarettes)), “bait and switch”(Black Friday). Last thing we discussed was our well-being as a consumer. Some of the things me and my group discussed that keeps are well-being great was being able too live comfortably, meaning being able to buy what we like and pay our bills while still having money left over. The next few was our family, having great health, and having money. Me personally my well-being is very important to me. When I do shop I buy things that will make me happy and some times that can be bad because I might not really need it.

In conclusion, we had a wonderful discussion in each class. We got to open up and learn not only abut each other as consumers but ourselves. As we continue to talk and discover we will find out way more things that makes us the consumers we are today and hopefully change somethings for the good that might have been bad for us. A few other things I did want to bring up were the blogs and articles that’s we read for class. They also were a big help for all of us. I can not wait to learn more and hopefully you as well will learn and take from my discussion summary. 


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